Red Light Diaries

This is the pilot to my new webseries 'Red Light Diaries'...  it follows the 'adventures' of young prostitute Samantha a.k.a. Candy, her pimp/boyfriend Tyler, as well as accidental 'trick' and would-be-lover Chris...  


Find out what happens as she has to make the difficult decision between going after a new life of freedom or sticking with 'the devil she knows'..!

Lucille Means Light...

This is a short film I recently shot, and we are now in the editing process.  It is a sort of period ghost story and stars the stunning and amazing Julie Daniels and the very talented Seth NeJame as the perfect cad.  ;-)


Again, I was lucky enough to have an excellent DP in Steven Richards... and a special thanks goes to Michael Isaacs and Paul Bianci for helping on the prodution side.